About Us

We are patients who represent all the patients of the Meadows Medical Practice.

Our role is to foster good relationships and communication between the patients and the practice, and to represent patients’ views and needs. We monitor and disseminate relevant information about what’s happening in our local Shropshire health services – from the practice to the wider services in the county – which will have an impact on all of us as patients. We contribute to the patient’s voice to various forums for planning Shropshire-wide service changes.

We generally meet monthly and are independent of the practice. We can therefore raise any of your concerns and maybe help identify any possible solutions – please contact us if you have anything you want to raise, although note that we do not deal with individual complaints about your medical treatment (which should be addressed to the practice manager) but are interested in any comments about how the practice is organised. New members are always welcome if you would like to join us.