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The Crown Inn – April Update

Loan Application

On March 23rd, we were advised that our bid for the Community Fund grant to purchase Crown Inn had failed.  The details provided were not comprehensive but reasons given were offered as bullet points.

The committee has reviewed our bid and has also been in contact with successful bidders to understand the reasons for the rejection. Some of them have pointed to content that was as comprehensive or better than theirs in these areas. While we may disagree with or not understand some of the bullet points, this is a competitive process and so we have been as open-minded as possible. We have revisited our application based on all the feedback and believe we can make amendments to address the issues.

From discussions with the successful bidders, it is clear that our matched funding at 35%, although conforming to the requirements of the process (more than 20%) was inadequate. In speaking to the Plunkett Foundation (consultants assisting COF applicants) we believed 35% was a very good submission. In talking to winners, it seems that a minimum of 40% is required for a bid to be accepted.

A further issue identified was the lack of an ‘asset lock’ in our proposals.  This would be a means of protecting the asset should the project fail in the future and ensuring that any disposal of the asset would be for the community’s benefit. 

A further bidding window opened on March 25th.  Following our review of the earlier application, the pub committee presented the parish council with a proposal for a second bid before the deadline on April 10th.  The parish council met on April 5th and voted to approve this second bid.

The second bid was completed and submitted in good time. We now await a response from the Department for Levelling-up, Housing and Communities.

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